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Basement Remodeling - Remodeling Questions
1.60 Home Remodeling Question Regarding Basement Wall?

Q. My girlfriend and I have a partially finished basement. She wants me to divide part of the basement off for an office. What is the best wall/divider/partition I can use so she will have privacy from the rest of the basement? Is Drywall the only answer? What can I use for a nice ceiling as well with lighting? Thanks for your help, it really means a lot to us.

A. There are many ideas for dividing rooms. A wall is the best, but if you do not want that, you can use purchased office dividers (can be expensive), or bookshelves, or changing screen, or even a ceiling to floor curtain on a cable system. I like drywalled ceilings, but you can use a drop ceiling, or tiles. As for lighting..most basements have little natural light, so great lighting is necessary. Recessed lighting, track lighting both work well. If you do not like these then traditional lighting is suffice when portable lighting is added...table lamps, floor lights..even rope lighting in niches or shelving all add to the ambiance if that is the look you are going for. Brighter lighting is a must in the office section.

1.40 I am remodeling a basement into a hangout what can i do with it?

Q. I have an old basement we are remodeling and i want it to be a really cool hangout spot me and other people can stay at. i need some ideas of what to do with it because i am clueless. it is a pretty big space maybe like 12 by 40 (it's a total guess) but i really need an idea fast!

A. You could put a bar in it or a pool table. or both ummm maybe a games room kinda thing?

1.20 Does anyone know a basement remodeling contest?

Q. Hey my dad runs an at home buisness in his basement, but his basement is completely trashed. Soo i was wondering if anyone knew of a remodeling contest that i can send in pictures to try and win. Plus i live in NY so if they cant travel here to remodel then they cant help me.

A. If I were you I would enter the HGTV dream home contest for your dad...The home is absolutely gorgeous & I'm sure that if your dad won he would be so happy he'd buy you a new car & who knows what else!! Feel free to check our website for design ideas on your basement in the meantime...

1.20 I had a basement flood and we are trying to remodel after mold has grown.?

Q. I was wondering what to use to kill the bleach and what kind of materials are good for basement remodels. If it would be better to get mold resistant or moisture resistant. Also what kind of ventilation is required in a basement. And maybe some cons on wood paneling because that was what they were planning on putting down there and I think it's a terrible idea.

A. Before you spend all that money remodeling your basement make sure he is not going to flood again Have a waterproofing company install an internal perimeter drainage system to collect all the water around and under your foundation and divert it to a sump pump. The sump pump will then get the water out and discharge it away from the foundation. Only then you can safely remodel your basement. As for materials I recommend you avoid drywall, wood studs and fiberglass insulation. All these materials are know to absorb water and grow mold. Fiberglass also loses all its R-Value when humid. I suggest you look into finishing systems developed specifically for basements, considering that even basements that do not flood or leak, always have some level of moisture - usually ground moisture seeping in through the concrete basement walls. Since not all theses systems are created equal, make sure you pick one that is 100% waterproof, non-absorbent and inorganic. Cement core, rigid foam board insulated panels and plastic basement flooring tiles for example are made to withstand all sorts of basement conditions and will never get ruined even if your basement floods again. They also offer thermal and moisture protection and can be removed to access plumbing and wiring as needed - a very desirable feature in a basement.

1.20 Experiences with basement remodeling?

Q. Hi I am an 18 year old female. I am going to college an hour away from home and want to transfer to my same school but in a closer campus so I can live at home. Basically in order to do that, I want to fix up my basement (I gave my sister my room when I decided to dorm here) I was wondering if anyone knows general price ranges of fixing up a basement. Its a very small room (enough for one person though) with a kitchen and bathroom. I would need to remove mold, (its not a big mold problem but because of a flood we had in the basement its very damp) Also, re-do the carpet, repaint the walls. If I want the bathroom I think I think the shower needs to be re-tiled--but thats not a big deal I could always use the one upstairs. And I would also need to buy a bed and maybe a mini-fridge, everything else I have from when I dormed. I have about $600 in a check, and get paid about $140 every two weeks. I can save my money, but I would like to know if anyone has expierences with this, they can share their story. In order to get this done I want to show my parents that I am serious about it and did some research. Thank you for your help.

A. Ok like with most renovations the kitchen and bathroom are going to be the most expensive thing to do so if they are useable for now then maybe forget them and focus on the rest of the room. so first thing youll need to do is clean and prepare the site for your work so as you suggested getting rid of the mould is very important, its very important to find where the moisture is coming from and then fix that to prevent any further leakage, if you can or can not fix it an important thing is ventilation, just make sure fresh air is circulating through the room, even use normal house fans to keep things fresh. to save money on the carpet i would suggest getting an overall measurement of the room and look on ebay to find a roll that will fit the room, often people sell their used carpet when their renovating their house, you will also need carpet spikes which are nailed around the edge of the room and then the carpet grips to that lastly youll need under lay as well which goes on the concrete slab and then the carpet is rolled out on top of that, sadly youll need a carpet layer to do the final cut and install but by purchasing everything he needs youll save money. as for painting ill leave that to you as it doesnt take a genius to figure that one out, $600 isnt much to work with but with the right preparation and doing as much yourself youll save alot. the bathroom and kitchen are a little more difficult but if you have some spare cash to throw at them you can email me at and ill tell you about tiling and replacing the shower head and taps.

1.00 How much Remodeling of a basement can I do ?

Q. I have a 1500 sq foot basement which I do not plan to use as living space. We just occasionally use it for recreation and when we have a lot of people over. The wall are poured concrete and look pretty disgusting . I was wondering how much finishing can be done without legally needing a permit. Does it vary from state to state ?? I live in NJ . Thanks

A. You can paint, , do any thing as long as it doesn't,t require building or removing

1.00 Im remodeling my basement any suggestions?

Q. We have a light tope/beige carpet down there and we are getting a red microfiber couch down there. what color should i paint the walls and what should i accessorise with? This room is meant the be the movie room sorta we are getting a 57 inch plasma too.

A. I'd stick with earth tones down there. Of course, if its a movie room the lights are off.

1.00 Why is it that controlled demoltion experts DO NOT use fuel-air fires to demolish steel buildings?

Q. Why is it that controlled demolition experts NEVER USE KEROSENE OR JET FUEL AIR FIRES to completely demolish highrise buildings? Why? EVERY TIME... THEY NEED TO USE STEEL CUTTER CHARGES (EXOTHERMIC CHEMICAL REACTIONS TO CUT STEEL) PLUS DEMOLITION EXPLOSIVES TO FULLY DESTROY BUILDINGS DOWN TO THE GROUND FLOORS! (eg. Thermite/thermate) THE ONLY OTHER WAY A STEEL FRAME BUILDING CAN COLLAPSE IS FROM EARTHQUAKES, AND NO STEEL BUILDING HAS EVER FALLEN COMPLETELY TO THE GROUND IN THE HISTORY OF CIVIL ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTION, DUE TO THE HEAT OF A FUEL-FED AIR FIRE ALONE.... NONE! NO STEEL BUILDING HAS EVER COLLAPSED IN THE DOZENS OF FIRES (MOST OF THEM MUCH WORSE THAN WHAT THE WTC BUILDINGS EXPERIENCED ON 9/11) WATCH THESE MOVIES CAREFULLY How did WTC 7, a 47-storey steel frame building, collapse completely, 7 hours after the twin towers & it WAS NOT even hit by any plane? Remember, all those 3 WTC buildings collapsed straight down into their own footprints, right down into their basement floors, with minimal damage to nearby buildings. That is like chopping a tree, weakening it at one point, and then watching the entire tree convert into fine sawdust, and sink vertically into its roots, after a 56 or 102 minute delay period. Where are all the strong, sold concrete floor slabs? Why did they all get converted into fine powder? Stop labelling me as a conspiracy theorist, because the fact is, I am an engineering professor with a PhD, who teaches materials science for a living. Look at the facts: Air fire temperature in still air = 451 F, Fahrenheit 451 F, typically 233 - 250 C. Use a pyrometer to verify this fact. Steel cannot get hotter than its heat source & does not even start to lose any strength, until over 300 C. Steel drops to half strength at about 650 C. Steel melts and becomes as weak as air at 1532 C So look at the engineering science... Look at the video: You will see molten steel dripping out of the South Tower, just before its complete collapse! (ABC News video & amateur videos) How did Ground Zero stay red hot, at temperatures above 600 C (much hotter than air fire temperatures), for over 6 weeks? Do you know any single jet planes that can keep their engines running and burning kerosene (jet fuel) for over 6 weeks straight? WTC Ground Zero was full of molten metal, in all of the basements of the 3 WTC buildings that collapsed! Molten Metal everywhere! It was so hot, clean-up crews melted several pairs of boots, even several weeks after 9/11 ! Some firefighters described conditions under the rubble as being like a foundry, full of red hot molten steel. Visit and do a keyword search for: "molten metal wtc" & look at the evidence of molten steel. Undeniable!

A. Sorry. You are one of those conspiracy people. Too bad. I will answer your question. Controlled demolition experts do not use fuel air fires to demolish buildings because there are way too many variables, and the results are too unpredictable. Would not do to have the wrong part of the building burn a little more quickly then expected, and have the building collapse to the left or right instead of straight down. And.... Thanks for adding that additional information. I thought you were just some conspiracy theorist. Now, I know that you think you are a scientist. As an engineering professor with a PHd that teaches material sciences for a living, you should know exactly how concrete will react when it is put under extreme pressure. You should also know all about cavity radiation, all about the way that materials react in heat, how long it takes them to absorb and radiate heat in the conditions that were present following the collapse of WTC 1, 2, and 7. And, by the way. Your eyesight must be outstanding to be able to tell that there is molten steel flowing out of the buildings in the news and amateur videos. Please explain to all of us exactly how you could tell that grainy pixellated video that was digitally blown up beyond recognition showed molten steel? Using your extensive background in material sciences, please tell us all what characteristics were demonstrated on that video that conclusively proved that there was molten steel flowing in the buildings?

Basement Remodeling

 Remodeling - Basement Remodeling Finishing a basement is one of the most popular home improvement projects in the country today. Whenever there is a shortage of existing space, and adding a new room is not a feasible action, a basement renovation can give you all the extra space you need at a lower budget. Say for instance, you run a business or work from home, and especially need a home office to organize your work space. With just a few alterations, you can finish your basement to use as a home office. Finished basements can be used as home theaters, family rooms, game rooms for the kids, home gyms, entertainment centers or hobby rooms. If you are a wine aficionado, you can use it as a wine cellar to store your wines, and even turn it into a wine tasting den, and have friends over.

 home remodeling contractor in Indianapolis The first step towards a beautifully finished basement is waterproofing. Moisture problems in your basement can quickly lead to icky mold and mildew growing on the walls, peeling paint, musty odors, and cracked and crumbling walls. Even if your basement looks perfectly dry, it is advisable to take care of water proofing before basement finishing to avoid damage from flooding or leaks later.

The flooring too may have to be reinforced by laying a sub floor over the concrete basement floor. This provides a base for your other floor coverings. Use light colored paints on your walls to create an illusion of brightness. For finished basement that will have multiple uses, don't clutter the entire area with furniture and equipment. Instead, section off the basement into separate areas by using partitions, or putting up walls.

The only thing standing between you and your dream finished basement is planning. The lack of a detailed plan that includes the use of the new basement, the age of the people using it, the marking of boundaries between separate areas are all factors that could eat into your budget, and delay the basement remodel project if not taken care of. First of all, take time to have brainstorming sessions with family members to determine your collective vision for the new finished basement. Also, factor in the special design modifications you'll need depending on the age group of the people using the basement. For instance, an extra bedroom for your parents to use when they visit will also need a tub-attached bath, as well as appropriately comfortable furniture. Lighting should be bright enough, but not so much that it hurts their eyes. These are all things that can be extremely expensive to fix once you've already begun the basement renovation project.

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