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Bathroom Remodeling - Remodeling Questions
1.20 Cost of moving laundry to garage and remodeling a bath room?

Q. My laundry is inside of a very old and poor bathroom. I plan to first move the laundry to garage and then have the bathroom remodeled with tub/shower separated, of cause wall/floor tiles. I’m not looking for luxury features just new/clean is enough. So how much will cost, like only more the laundry, and labor of the bathroom remodeling. I’m in San Francisco Bay area, but any other area should also provide the ideal I believe. Thanks, Chuck

A. Chuck, you need to consult remodeling contractors about remodeling the garage and old bathroom of the house to what you desire, since it usually requires a lot of trades (plumbing, electrical, interior drywalls, etc.), and a remodeling contractor usually handles all of such trades, making it--in theory--cheaper to pay one (remodeling) contractor as opposed to paying each specialized-trade contractor. There are plenty of local remodeling contractors seeking to give free estimates with no obligation, and taking advantage of this is the consumer-smart way to go about finding an accurate answer to your question. It's important that you get a local estimate and not rely on guesses found here on Yah, as a lot of factors really bear on the cost of such a project, including the following: The cost of material and labor greatly varies by location. A local remodeling contractor can easily assist you in this project of yours. If you negotiate well with the contractor and he buys the building materials for you, you may try to have him pass the discounted cost of the materials to you in exchange for giving him the job, as usually contractors get discounts (called "contractor's discounts" or "contractor's price") when buying from suppliers because of the many purchases they make as required by their jobs. As I said, free estimates from local remodeling contractors are the key to your success in this home improvement project of yours. Here's a great link to a handyman site that offers free very resourceful information to assist you in your project, and, ultimately, selecting a local remodeling contractor in an effort to get the best deal for you: REMODELING CONTRACTOR INFO: I'm sure you'll find the information you need, specifically the tips, useful as it relates to being treated fairly by contractors and exploring the consumer-wise approach of getting free written estimates to find the best contractor in your area. . Source(s): The Internet. Just whatever is available online and what I have on my mind, including the inclusion of relevant sites, like the one cited that came about from my efforts, which is intended to be useful. Helping people get the relevant info they want is great.

1.20 Has anyone know the best bathroom remodeling contractor in Huston?


A. You can search easily from internet best bathroom remodeling contractor in Huston. Many of them are good remodeling and renovation service provider in Huston. One of my friend also live in Huston, he tell me about He was saying that they provide very good service of remodeling and renovating.

1.20 Where to find good contractor for bathroom remodeling in san jose?

Q. I need to do bathroom remodeling and need to get some estimate from contractors. I'm in san jose, ca

A. Get a free bathroom remodel estimate from local contractors. You can check and click on the link It is a great time saving option.

1.20 Bathroom remodeling?

Q. When I built my house I thought I would save some money by leaving out the tub in one of our bathrooms and just make it a powder room. It has a toilet and a sink. I am on a concrete slap. my house is not raised up. The room is big enough to add a tub and I would like to do that now BUT.... the toilet is wear the tub would need to fit and then I would have to move the toilet to a differnt place beside the tub. How hard is this to do?

A. Basically it would involve cutting out a strip of slab to plumb in the new toilet location and plumb in the tub drain. A skilled plumber could "do" the actual work within a day, but it would take longer because the work would require a permit from your City's building inspection department and they would need to inspect the work before concrete could be poured to fill in the slab. Replacing/patching the floor might be the most involved step, depending on what type of floor surface you currently have. If you have tile in the bath already, it might be a pain to try to preserve the existing tile or match it with new patch pieces. Removing the entire tile floor and then re-tiling might produce a better end result. If it's currently just bare concrete then you don't even have to worry about "patching" the floor. The new concrete will look different than the old concrete, but shouldn't cause any issues with your final floor finishing. I'm in the process of remodeling my lower level which has a slab floor. I had to remove all of the existing tile and cut a hole in the slab around the existing shower drain to fit the tub drain (a 7 1/4" diamond masonry blade went through the concrete without issue). However, I was able to reuse the existing shower drain for the tub drain. It's quite possible a plumber will just run a new toilet drain back to the stack and reuse most of the existing toilet drain for the tub. Of course there's no reason you couldn't do the work yourself if you are so inclined. All it takes is a bit of research and a permit or two from your city. Good luck!

1.20 What is the best way to start a bathroom remodeling project?

Q. The current bathroom is very small and has an adjacent room that could be used. What is the best way to go about starting a home remodeling project? Who to contact, etc?

A. Designers have much more knowledge and experience in remodeling than the average person. They can introduce you to things you never though possible; as well as, ensure your vision is created. interior designer is very expensive. I work for a cabinet company in San Diego CA: We have many customers that were in the same position as you. Our designers have helped create many beautiful rooms for customers while saving them the cost of an interior decorator. Maybe I am biased but a trip to a cabinet company seems worth your time. Have fun!

1.20 How to find out a Quality Bathroom Remodeling?

Q. How to find out a Quality Bathroom Remodeling?

A. Contact bath fitters they are quick, fast and approachable.

1.20 What is the going rate for bathroom remodeling?

Q. Price per square foot, new tub, vanity, sink,tile 250 sq ft, fixtures.

A. Depends...wut are you gonna remodel? Plumbing? Tub? shower surround? tile? too vague a qxn!!!

1.20 I heard about a bathroom remodeling company on KFI radio the other day. Does anyone know the name?

Q. I believe it was during the John and Ken show that I heard the advertisement. Thanks

A. Email and ask who the sponsers are/were. I do that all the time to find out a particular song, and advertisers usually have multiple spots.

Bathroom Remodeling

 Remodeling - Bathroom Remodeling Up grading your bathrooms is one of the wisest investment decisions you could make to increase the value of your home. Home buyers these days are just as interested in luxury bathrooms with all bells and whistles and, when faced with a choice of two similar sized homes in the same area, don't mind paying extra for the one with the glamorous bathrooms. Even something as simple as a bath tub remodel can give your old bathroom a new lease of life. Always decide on a bath remodeling plan that takes into consideration your space constraints, as well as your budget. Your bathroom should be in sync with the rest of the house, when it comes to theme and décor.

 home remodeling contractor in Indianapolis A brisk invigorating shower is the only way to start the day. Installing the right kind of shower for your size of bathroom can mean greater functionality and convenience. If you are restricted by the size of your bathroom, you may find that a detachable shower or a tub-shower combo if you have the space for a tub, is the right choice for you. Showers themselves are not restricted to a single size or angle, or even a single unit at all. Newer dual shower head systems allow you to direct your shower at any part of the body through the presence of two separate shower heads that are connected to a single water line. So, if your back is killing you after a long day at work, angle the shower head directly to your back, and relax!

While a shower is a practical and time efficient bathing option, there is nothing to beat the luxury of a luxurious soak in a bath tub. When it comes to bath tub styles, there are more styles than you can choose from. The traditional recessed system that has only one side visible is installed to fit within 3 walls. A corner tub is installed between two walls. A free standing tub can be placed just anywhere in the bathroom you want. These can come in the form of vintage looking claw foot tubs, or sophisticated modern visions in granite and marble. Besides, there are whirlpool tubs, and Jacuzzi style tubs with hundreds of tiny jets that shoot out water at high pressure to provide an intensely relaxing experience. If you are looking at a whirlpool tub, you will need a dedicated water heater and electrical circuit.

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I'm thinking about buying a fixer condo, 922 square feet total, 2 bed, 2 bath. I'd like to get a ballpark idea of what a total replacement of everything would be. Carpet, paint, bathrooms, kitchen, all appliances, built in closet systems. I want to go midrange or less. I'm not looking for high end.

Megan M

I have a detached 2 car garage. My driveway leading to my garage is pretty long, I can fit about 3 mid size cars. I wanted to convert it to a guest/mother-n-law quarters. Is this possible? What would be a ruff estimate on this. It would have to have its own bathroom and small kitchen.

David G

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