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Garage Conversions - Remodeling Questions
1.10 What garage flooring / carpeting would be appropriate for my garage?

Q. Hi. I'm trying to pimp up my garage this summer, was wondering what would be a good flooring for it? The room is a game room / sports room....I have a ping pong table, dartboard, tv, sports photos, etc.... So I'm looking for recommendations about which specific flooring or carpeting would be good for it and what store I could pick it up at? Thanks. edit: Mainly I'm looking for what material for the floor works best in the garage.

A. Cheapest and most durable would be the rubber/foam backed berber off the big rolls at the Home improvement stores. This composite carpet can be laid directly over any subfloor without the need to install a vapor barrier or a carpet pad. The foam backing itself acts as a moisture barrier and carpet pad. It's really easy to DIY.

1.10 Air Conditioning Expert Advice?

Q. Last week i realized that my car's air conditioner wasn't working properly. It was not producing cold air except in the AM when it was cool out already. I took it to the garage and freon was added. Eighty bucks plus tax. Air conditioning was running fine when I left the garage. but next day, the same problem. Took the car back and the mechanic said "There was a lot of air which had to be sucked out and then the thermostat had to be reset". That was done on Monday. No charge, of course. All seemed to be working fine. Yesterday morning all was well. After being in the lot where I work all day, the car was hot when I got in. Turned on the air ~ cool 15 seconds, then just air. Nearly passed out since my comute is a 45 minute one. Had to open all the windows. About the last 15 minutes of the commute, the air came on but not fully. Should I ask for my money back from this mechanic and go elsewhere to solve this? It's a 1999 Mazda 626. This will be the third time at the garage. The garage opens in an hour and a half.

A. If you had to have freon added that means you have a leak. To be fully repaired you need to find the leak first. Almost everything is part of a sealed system, like the lines to and from the condenser to the evaporator. Where the lines hook to the compressor can be sealed by O-Rings, they can dry out and freon can escape from there. Also around the pulley shaft. When you mentioned the car sitting in the lot on a hot day that raises the pressure of the freon so that it creates more pressure at the point where it is leaking. There are some dyes that you can add to aid in finding the leak. The system does need to be evacuated if it is completly empty of freon. With the gauges on and after the system has been pulled down if there is a leak the reading of the gauges will start rising toward zero. The system should be pulled down lower than 29hg, 30 being a perfect vacuum that you never reach. I mentioned the vacuum because if it will not hold the vacuum, it will not hold the freon either. It may cost yyou more, but if you can get your money back, go to your Mazda dealer. The tech at the place you took it should have told yyou that if you lost your freon you have a leak and that to do it right that is the first thing to fix. Freon does not evaporate from a properly sealed system. Thomas S.

1.00 What Equipment Must I need for a Music Studio at home?

Q. I have many music and lyrics and original songs made by me to record. the thing is, I really dont have the time ( nor the effort ) to actually go into a studio. I have a spacious rented room that I really want to make as a studio. What specific things do I need to record and actually make it sound as it came from a CD album? Im talking about professional equipment that can fit a medium sized room. ( specific mics, Audio settings, etc. )

A. YOu can do some simple things with garage band and some basic equipment but it will not be "professional" Sounds like you don't really know much about sound or sound equipment which really can put you at a disadvantage for knowing how to really produce a disc. Mastering it is a whole nother game. I suggest you start haning out with sound techs and at studios to find out what they do and what they need to know to even begin a decent recording project. Our band discussed this very topic of buying thousands of dollars in recording equipment, sound proofing the room and mics vs paying the same for a recording. It all came down to having to know how to use the equipment and being a sound producer. None of us wanted to try and become an expert with no training on all this stuff. We went to a studio and it confirmed that it was the right decision for us. Our studio created a radio ready recording for us and we could never have produced that quality by ourselves and mastered it as well..

1.00 The folks in the cleaning category have really let me down. Maybe a scientist can help?

Q. How would you science experts separate broken glass from the coins that it once contained? The crystal vase was something that I found at a garage sale. I used it to toss coins in, probably less than $10.00 in it when it dropped. Some of it was contained in the tablecloth that slipped off at the same time. I scooped up the coins and glass that went over on to the carpet, and vacuumed there. I am left with a plastic box that contains the tablecloth, coins, and broken glass. Is it possible to salvage the coins? What about the tablecloth? So far I have discovered that water will wash down the glass dust - but the shards are still mixed in. Kevin, have you ever successfully picked up coins with a magnet? Or is it the glass that it should pick up. . . . . .

A. You can try using a magnet. If the copper has significant amounts of Iron or Nickel, it will be attracted. Nickel coins should have no problem being separated either. Hope this works.

1.00 I work for a friend, who is very unorganized.?

Q. I was laid-off from my job in the fall and started to work for my friend who has a candy business out of her home. She could really have a very sucessful business if she was better organized and did not waste money! She lives in a very large home which gives her a lot of room to collect a lot of stuff! She has a lot of money invested in her company. She is not getting a pay check from the company all money is going back into the business. So anyway, the house is a total wreck not just the business aspect but that home life, she has 3 young children. There is no organization, they throw their school bags, shoes and coats at the bottom of the steps! There is always dirty dishes on the countertop. I know there are mice in her garage and her basement! I feel like it is not my place to tell her how to run her life, especially since she is my parents age! I know she could go very far with her company if she was willing to change. She is also overweight, which is something else I have given her advise about as well! I was glad when I got laid off because I was out of a very stressful work environment, now I feel like I get high blood pressure walking in to the chaos every day! Her and her husband are very unorganized and just let things pile up and don't take care of it. Their children see it and just take advantage of it. I feel like they are sinking fast! I want to help her on the business aspect! I have gone in the basement and started to organize things which she has seen how much money and time she is wasting by not staying organized! She would just order more instead of going to look for a needed item. She is at a turning point in her business, her job is in danger or being laid off at his job, which is has know for sometime and has not started looking for a new one! She could go back to working a full-time job and I could work for her business with her supervison. Or she could just give it up all together! I would hate to see her give it up, not because I would be out of a job, she has brilliant ideas, she just needs help being motivated and being organized. I have worked very hard cheerleading her and talking about what needs or should be done and then she is all about it and the next day I come and see the same dirty dishes, wrecked office, kids items not put away. i just don't know what to do. She really needs to seperate the business from the home life, which she cannot move it out of the home, it is not worth the money. I have read several articles about setting a work schedule and talking to the children,but the kids and the husband are very set in their ways! I want to help her! I don't want to cross the line though! Thank you!


1.00 Where do I find the drain bolt to my carb?

Q. I have a 94' honda VF 750 and it's been sitting in a garage for years. Got new battery and tried to start last week. It sounds like it wanted to start but can't. I went through some simple trouble shooting but can't get it to start. I did some research and found most results suggested carb cleaning. I'm going to learn a lot more about my bike this week as I've just bought my first service manual. To begin, where do I find a drian bolt to the carbs?

A. Forget draining them...they want removed and cleaned my Via my avatar...ill send you a link for a free downladable manual for it.

1.00 Which Upgrades Are Best?

Q. We are building a new home, and trying to decide which higher-cost upgrades would be best: 1. Irrigation/sprinkler system (home is in Southeastern US) 2. Fully fenced back yard - (approx 1/2 acre yard) 3. Extra bathroom in bonus room - (house is already a 4 bdrm 3 bath) Just for clarification, we have a huge lot - probably at least one acre. Since it is on a cul-de-sac, most of this will be back yard, backing up to a large wooded area. Already has a 3/12 car garage, Jimmy - got that covered.

A. Personally if I had the cash, I'd add a mud room and wrap-around deck.

1.00 Average cost per square foot for a home addition?

Q. I am considering an addition of 785SF of living space to my home above a new two car garage. How much should I expect to pay per square foot? Minimal escavating is needed to add the garage.

A. It's hard for me to provide this estimate to you being I don't know your home, tastes, and region, but I can give you an idea or scope for the project, garage with above living quarters, $65 to $100. per square foot. Mike Lonergan TradesProfessional, Inc.

Garage Conversions

 Remodeling - Garage Conversions If you are looking to add an extra bedroom or a spare kitchen to your home, converting your garage to a bedroom or kitchen can be an easy way to have extra living space. Limited space means that you may not be able to have a large room, but you can still easily convert your garage to a family room by installing partitions to separate the carport from the living space, installing heating, cooling and plumbing systems. Install a new phone extension, and you now have a fully functional family room that's warm, bright and welcoming.

 home remodeling contractor in Indianapolis When you plan your garage addition, make sure you have a clear picture of what you want to use your garage for. For instance, if you're looking to convert your garage into a home theater, expect additional expenses on electrical wiring to support the new system. If you're converting your garage into a kitchen, plumbing and electrical fixtures will be needed. A garage kitchen addition will involve the installation of heavy duty appliances like deep freezers, and these may demand additional wiring requirements. Always remember to include a small storage closet in your garage to be used for storage.

Check with your local Indianapolis, IN area building authorities about special requirements that are needed for a garage conversion. For instance, if your garage conversion affects the drainage system, you may need to apply for special permits. If in doubt, ask for the advice of your surveyor. The time to get your permits in place is before you start work on the project.

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