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Home Additions - Remodeling Questions
1.40 What questions do I need to ask about remodeling a home?

Q. Also, Where should I start if I want an additional room and both bathrooms remodeled? I have 3 contractors bidding and want to get the best one for the job. Thanks in advance. Any help would be appreciated..Thanks.

A. Ask for references and recent locations of jobs they have done. The best contractors will be glad to show off their work, and the people they have worked for should be enthusiastic about letting you see that work. If you do not or cannot get this type of reference, you are gambling with your money. This is step one. Without it, there is no reason to proceed. Definitely mention there is future work proposed, it will make them sharpen their pencils to get the first job. Do not commit to further work until you see enough of first job. Know exactly what you want as far as finished products, fixtures, flooring etc. Changing this along the way can jack up costs pretty quick. Make sure contract spells out everything that is discussed during bids. You should have a plan drawn by an architect if possible. Make sure payment schedule is spelled out and you are satisfied with progress of work for each payment. Final payment should not be given until you are satisfied, and all construction permits are closed out if your job requires permits.

1.30 How do I find out the value of my home & what additions/remodeling items would add more value?

Q. We are considering selling our home in the next year and have been watching a lot of HGtv and DIY. All those shows seem to say the same thing...update your home to increase value. I'd like to have someone come to our home to let us know what we would list our house for today and what additions, changes, remodeled areas would add value to our home so that if we do sell it, we'd be able to make money on those changes. And, if we don't sell, we'd be able to enjoy those changes for years to come. So, who would we talk to about this? A real estate agent? An appraiser? I know that an appraiser would charge a fee, but what would a real estate agent expect? Would it be a fee or a signed contract to sell the house if we do decide to sell?

A. Contact a local Real Estate agent (since an appraisal isn't for value to sell it's for the lender to determine financing) Tell the agent you want to know what your home would sell for realistically NOW but that you are debating whether or not to sell/list now. The CMA should be FREE. You are under no obligation to use that Realtor and for an agent to do some local comps for you only takes a short visit to your home (to see it) then run the info through the PC. If and when you decide to sell - then to list as a seller you pay all the commissions (and the amount is negotiable) average listing commissions run from 4-7%. Remodeling and updates don't always pay back at 100% of your cost to implement them so paint, new carpet, updated appliances, etc are good things but don't tear down bearing walls or anything expensive for updates. The same agent who helps you comp it out should be able to give you realistic remodeling expectations as well for your area. Good Luck

1.00 Are these specs good for a netbook if i want to play facebook games on it?

Q. Software & Services SYSTEM COLORPromise Pinkedit OPERATING SYSTEMUbuntu Linux version 8.04.1edit WARRANTY AND SERVICE1 yr In-home Service after remote diagnosis + Complete Careedit HARD DRIVE4GB Solid State Driveedit EXTERNAL OPTICAL DRIVEVerbatim Corporation DVD R 4.7GB 16X 20-Pack w/ Slim Caseedit INTEGRATED WEBCAMIntegrated 0.3M Pixel Webcamedit My Accessories ADDITIONAL POWER & BATTERY30 Watt Spare AC Adaptoredit ALSO INCLUDED WITH YOUR SYSTEM PROCESSORIntel® Atom Processor® N270 (1.6GHz/533Mhz FSB/512K cache) HD DISPLAYGlossy 8.9 inch LED display (1024X600) VIDEO CARDIntel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 950 MEMORY1GB DDR2 at 533MHz WIRELESS CARDSWireless 802.11g Mini Card BATTERY OPTIONS32WHr Battery (4 cell) SOUND OPTIONSBase LCD Assembly Trigger Logic Module (hidden online)Non-WWAN Base in Pink PC HOME INSTALLATIONNo Installation i did this through the Dell customazation if you have a better idea plz post the link

A. You could always use more ram and your processor could be better

1.00 Why does my air conditioner stink?

Q. I have central air that is sometimes very stinky. There is a strong odor of sewage when it kicks on, but it seems to alternate daily from stinky to no odor. Very strange. The furnace, if that's the right term for it, in the wall is a brand new Payne unit installed two weeks ago. The filter is new as well. The occasional stink was there before the installation of the new unit and is obviously still there now. I just bought the home about six weeks ago, so I can't say how long there has been an odor problem either. The floor around the unit is wet and moldy, which is what I believe to be the cause of the smell, but wouldn't that make it stink every time it came on, not just every other time? And since the unit is new, doesn't that eliminate the chance of a dirty evaporator coil? Our heat and air guy told us the ground may be wet under the house/furnace and there was some product we could put under the house to make it smell better. I don't want to continually buy whatever this is stuff is, though. I just want to fix the problem. It could also be the ducts, but why wouldn't they, too, stink every time rather than just sometimes? Additionally, since I thought the moldy floor to be the problem, I opened the doors to the unit to help it dry out. I noticed one day an occasional water droplet dripping down onto the floor. Is there supposed to be a pan under the entire unit to catch water? Is the new furnace defective? Did the heat and air technician make a mistake during the installation? Are drips of water normal?

A. I would check to see if the smell may be coming from your sewer lines. If the drain for the a/c unit was improperly installed you could be drawing in sewer gasses into the air stream. If you have an air handler that is a draw through type (evaporator located on the inlet side of the blower) there should be a proper P trap installed to prevent drawing air from being drawn in. Also the drain should terminate to an open drain such as a floor drain that has a built in trap and not directly connected to a sewer line. There should be no water dripping from the unit. This could be coming from a leak in the drain, possibly from what was previously mentioned or could be something that is not properly insulated and is sweating. If the unit is located where if a leak occurred it could cause structural damage then a secondary or safety pan should be installed under the entire unit and a separate drain for it run to a place that would be noticed right away so it can be corrected.

1.00 Is cleaning the air ducts in your home a waste of money?

Q. My wife and daughter both suffer from allergies and I was wondering if getting the air ducts cleaned will make any difference for them or if it's just a waste of money.

A. It can help, what you also need to do is have an electrostatic air cleaner (an additional piece of equipment) installed. This will trap most of the things that can agrivate the allergies in the filter. The filter will need to be changed or cleaned on a regular basis, just like the regular filter should be monitored and changed now.

1.00 Is ShowerGuard a worthwhile option to consider for a frameless shower enclosure in our new master bathroom?

Q. We are about to finish a major remodel of our home and will be adding a frame-less shower enclosure in the new master bathroom. The shower glass company recommends the ShowerGuard option, which is an upgrade option that protects the glass from the corrosive effects of hard water and soap, supposedly to vastly minimize spotting and other negative effects that occur over time to the once-pristine glass. They quoted an additional cost of $12/square foot which would come to $500-$600. I'd rather not spend this if it is not worthwhile. I would appreciate feedback from those of you who have Showerguard, especially for several years or more.

A. Do you have a water softener? If not, get one, it's going to cost you about the same as this upgrade, but you will notice a big difference in your water when showering and in how clean your clothes come in the laundry. I never heard of soap being corrosive to glass. Water will leave mineral deposits on glass, and make it look bad, but the water softener will prevent that.

1.00 What is a good vaccuum that can also wash or steam clean carpets?

Q. I have a baby at home and I will probably need to clean the carpets 1x/1-2 weeks in addition to vaccuuming. Do you have any suggestions?

A. Vacuum your carpet every day or every other day, once a month use your vac. attachment and edge vac. all of your rooms. Get your carpet steam cleaned 1 or 2 times per year, more than that is hard on the carpet, just spot clean in between that. I vac. my carpet every other day, we have 2 kids and I am a cleaning freak

1.00 I received an offer of employment from Western Geco Ltd. How can I know if this is a scam or not?

Q. Tel: +447045713892 Fax: +448704795285 Ingoted: +448063439406 Date: 05/06/07 Ref: WG-HR/OE/CSE-908/2007 Attention: MANISH VISHWAKARMA, RE: NOTIFICATION OF EMPLOYMENT/ JOB ENGAGEMENT: 1.1 After verification and confirmation of details contained in your submitted Resume/CV, it is with great pleasure that we extend to you the offer to join the Western Geco Ltd in UK as (SENIOR ELECTRICAL ENGINEER) a total monthly wage of GBP 8,200.00 (Eight Thousand Two Hundred British Pounds Sterling) Only. You have been requested to join the Western Geco Ltd in the UK on JULY 23RD 2007. Western Geco Ltd shall arrange and pay for your flight ticket to join us in the UK for commencement of job in due time upon your compliance with the Western Geco Ltd/ British Expatriate Services paper works requirements. JOB STATUS: You shall be expected to enter into an initial job engagement contract with the Western Geco Ltd for a maximum duration of 365 days and can be converted/renewed to full-time service or otherwise upon your successful/satisfactory performance and preference. Where the Government of the EU/UK either by legislation or administrative pronouncement, provides for new and/or additional benefits, including increase in salaries or directs that such benefits should apply to private sector, the Western Geco Ltd and you shall meet to discuss the new measures. You shall be entitled to travel and relocation expenses plus travel/ contingencies allowances of GBP3, 200.00 that is excluded of relocation expenses and flight ticket prior to your job commencement as part of our service commitment/incentive to encourage our employees who have met our official statuary requirements. 1.2 YOU HAVE BEEN OFFERED THE POSITION SENIOR ELECTRICAL ENGINEER: As one of our Senior Electrical Engineers, you’ll provide specialist engineering technical support and advice in specifying appropriate maintenance, inspection and reliability activities. We’ll also require you to evaluate new systems and procedures and provide advice regarding application and support for their introduction. You’ll identify, share and apply best practices, both from within Shell Group and from external sources, and provide electrical engineering support for projects and plant changes, either managed locally or by the project department. You can expect to assist the ENG Team Leader Electrical Engineering and ENG Distribution Engineer in long term planning of the electrical infrastructure and management of the generation and distribution system, including protection coordination, system modelling and system studies. In addition to these tasks, you’ll also have the following tasks: Acting as contract holder of a number of site term contracts Estimating or providing input to estimating for plant changes and projects Providing input to the site standards and procedures, electrical safety rules, guidance notes, electrical permit to work system, etc. Designing support for projects across the whole of the site Providing discipline input to multi-discipline teams looking at specific site issues or problems. 1.3 Other employment benefits/entitlements include and not limited to: . Fully furnished accommodation (Family/Single housing) . Medical, Dental and Optical care for employee/family . Scholarship / Educational assistance . Mobility. . Relocation Expenses . Life/Health Insurance Policy implementations . Overtime Allowance benefits 1.7PARTY A shall pay to EMPLOYEE on satisfactory performance of the services stated in 1.1, the sum of ₤9,200 (Nine thousand two hundred pounds sterling) monthly basic salary, or equivalent depending on EMPLOYEE’S home country and currency preference. (a)PARTY A shall pay EMPLOYEE for the services rendered under this agreement by cheque presented on a monthly basis upon due presentation and receipt of undisputed Quality single or family housing shall be provided by SPDC or in the alternative the sum of ₤2,000.00 per month shall be paid to you as Housing Allowance. (b)The sum of ₤3,100.00 shall be paid to you for personal effects shipment and excess baggage allowance. (c)SPDC shall provide you access to some of the finest social and recreational facilities in the United Kingdom. (d) SPDC will provide the employee with comprehensive health care for the terms of contract and follow-on care for injuries suffered during the term of contract for employer and family. (e)The sum of ₤2330.00 per month shall be paid to you as Educational Assistance Benefit with family status contracts. (f)Complete meals for you as deemed appropriate. (g) ₤3.200.00 flat rate travel / entertainment allowance shall be paid by your employer for each international trip. Travel shall be by business / first class. However for the purpose of commencement, the cost of travel ticket shall be paid in addition to travel / entertainment allowance. Cost shall be substantiated and shall be the rate charged at the period / time of employees. Travel ticket including that of employees’ family only on employees’ early notification to employer and as shall be requested by employee. (h) Employee shall also be entitled to maximum security including members of the state security service in housing community. (I) the employee will be reimbursed by the employer for reasonable moving expense incurred only as a result of relocation or early termination of leases, storage charges: procurement of travel documents, immunization etc. Reimbursements shall be paid not more than five (5) working days from submission of report / and receipt as proof of payments. 1.4 CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION AND MANAGEMENT. 1.8 Serve as other wise specifically stated in a superseding document, the project administrator of PARTY A, shall maintain general administration and management of this contract on behalf of PARTY A and all correspondences relating or pertaining with this agreement should be made, forwarded, addressed to same. 1.9PARTY B / EMPLOYEE agree to indemnify PARTY A in respect of any third party claims arising from PARTY B’s performance of this contract. 2.0 This agreement shall not be assigned or transferred in part of whole by due to termination of same any party to this agreement without prior written consent of the other party, which consent shall not unreasonably be withheld. Notwithstanding any of the aforementioned obligations, terms and conditions neither party shall be deemed, considered in default of any of its obligations under this agreement as a result of “Force Majeure”, but if an interruption of performing the obligations under this agreement as a result of “Force Majeure’ condition for a period more than one month; PARTY A shall pay EMPLOYEE only 70% of the amount stated in paragraph 1.7 of this agreement as standby or agreement termination fee. PARTY A shall; in the event of default or non-compliance of PARTY B/EMPLOYEE with the terms and conditions of this agreement; in writing give notice to PARTY B / EMPLOYEE specifying the areas of default and PARTY B / EMPLOYEE shall upon receipt of the said notice have ten (10) calendar days to rectify to the satisfaction of PARTY A the said default. 1.5 WORK HOURS. The working hours shall be 40 hours working per week: Monday to Friday inclusive. Saturdays, Sundays and Gazettes public holidays shall be rest days. However, some employees’ who work on shift may have different work hours and rest days other than Saturdays and Sundays. 1.6 WEEKEND/ HOLIDAY DUTY ALLOWANCE: Where an employee is required to be on duty on Saturdays, Sundays and Gazette public holidays, he will be paid as follows: Total Performance: 9.0%- for work done for 6hours and above Partial Performance: 4.5%- for work done for 3 hours but not up to 6 hours Transport Allowance: GBP 30.00 per day worked Meal Allowance: GBP 40.00 per day worked 1.7 SHIFT ALLOWANCE: Western Geco Ltd shall pay shift allowance of GBP 45.00 only per shift to employees who work on shift either in the offices or fields. Presence Weekend (PW), this rule will apply to periods arising from delays in evacuating the field, location site or office according to the arrangements subsisting between the Western Geco Ltd and the Department in question. 1.8 VACATION: You shall be authorized Three (3) times paid vacation (Not exceeding 21 Working Days) each year, to be used at your discretion after duly informing and receiving approval from employer’s management. Employer will pay for travel expenses (i.e. flight tickets) and flat rate travel allowance of GBP2, 800.00. COMPASSIONATE LEAVE: In the event of death or serious illness of employees’ father, mother, wife husband or child, necessitating presence of staff, Western Geco Ltd shall grant compassionate leave with pay up to a maximum of 12 working days per year. INTERNATIONALIZATION OF EMPLOYEE: You shall be given the opportunity for international assignments within the group for the acquisition of experience and exposure to enhance your competence and not limited to job engagements as shall be required by the Western Geco Ltd as such you shall also be entitled to benefits on such issues. DISCIPLINE: You are expected to recognize the right of the Western 1.TERMINATION: In addition, the company reserves the right to terminate the employment of any staff who flagrantly or repeatedly fails to comply with the company’s code of conduct or commits an offence of a magnitude that the company considers him unsuitable to be in its employment. 2.SUMMARY DISMISSAL: In rare cases, an employee may be dismissed for the commission of a grave offence, in which case no notice is given. Such offences shall include inter-alias. a)Theft and fraud in connection with company’s business or property. Any staff found guilty or implicated in any of these offences may be liable to prosecution. b)Disclosure of confidential information of the company or its associate to a third party. c)Conviction and/or imprisonment for criminal offence. The Employee’s High Commission, Embassy/Consulate shall be given benefit of consultation in any case involving the dismissal of its citizens as such, Employee will also be given the chance of fair hearing and proper investigation prior to decisions conclusion. With compliance with the mobilization, advancement & reimbursement policies (MA&DP) of the Western Geco Ltd, you shall be required to incurred all initial expenses as a result of your documentation & paper work processes/procurement and would be reimbursed in not more than five (5) working days upon your submission of invoice receipt or proof of incurred expenses. This is for confirmation of readiness & seriousness of employee to join the Western Geco Ltd. team within the stipulated time frame and also based on previous occurrences experienced by our corporate management from expatriate services employees. NOTE: You would be required to personally bear the initial expenses as regards the processing, procurement and acquisition of your legal immigrant paper works as a sign of your readiness and seriousness to join our team here in the UK in due time and you shall be reimbursed incurred expenses by the Western Geco Ltd management prior to your resumption in not more than Five (5) working days from date of your acquisition of the legal permit documentation , if you do not find this term agreeable, then do not hesitate to furnish us with a letter of declination of your job engagement offer as soon as possible to enable us timely replacement on your position. Welcome to our family. Sincerely, Prof. Richard Don Lawrence Human Resources Manager, Western Geco Limited. Gatwick Airport RH6 0NZ, West Sussex, United Kingdom. MANAGING DIRECTOR MR. MICHAEL FISH AND ………………………………………… EMPLOYEE SIGNATURE & DATE

A. The general rule of thumb with things like this, is that if you even need to ask if it could be a hoax - Its a Hoax! :-) Follow that rule and you won't get caught out!

Home Additions

 Remodeling - Home Additions Even if you don't feel the need for more space in your home right now, a home addition can dramatically increase the value of your home. If there is a choice between two similar-sized homes in the same neighborhood, the one with an extra bedroom, or a children's play room will always receive preference among home owners. In these hectic fast paced times, it makes more sense than ever to add a home office or a den to your home, so you can enjoy quality time with your family. Besides, it never hurts to plan ahead of schedule -- you'll most likely to find your needs from your house changing as the years go by.

 home remodeling contractor in Indianapolis If you are making an addition to your home with the intention of selling the property, then remember that only minor remodels will get you the maximum return on your investment. Avoid major and extensive home addition plans if you're planning on putting the property on the market immediately. A second story addition is more expensive and time consuming than adding on a bathroom, and you may enjoy greater benefits if you continue to live in the home for a few years in your new space, before selling the property. There are also local building codes to consider, failing which you could actually have your room addition project shut down.

Certain home additions, like adding an extra bedroom can be necessary changes to your property. If you find that your children need their own rooms to avoid stifling each other, you'll find that bedroom additions are a cheaper alternative to moving. Other additions are not entirely necessary, but greatly enhance the quality of your life. For instance, a sunroom addition can help brighten your home, and provide a large space for entertaining or socializing. A beautiful custom sunroom addition that makes use of high efficiency glass, and top of the line wood will give you a beautiful sunroom that makes lounging a pleasure.

Recent People With Remodeling Needs:

I am wanting to convert a garage into a bedroom and a closet and a bathroom, carpet ect. The room next to it requires a little work carpet, closing off the washer and dryer and turning the closet that faces the den around. Would like to share the bathroom with the other room if possible.

Janyne S

Need an estimate on removing two windows in bay and replacing with patio slider. Removing a single exterior door and replacing it with one of the two windows from bay area.

Rob G

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