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Kitchen Remodeling - Remodeling Questions
1.30 Kitchen Remodeling - What is the First Step toward Remodeling my Kitchen?

Q. I've already considered the budget and materials I want to use.

A. 1. Scan your kitchen for a visual sense of what it looks like now, and how you want it to be. Start with the cabinets or the countertops. 2. Browse through magazines, websites & TV shows for ideas on how simple changes can alter the look of your kitchen. Customizing them for your own layout is the easiest way forward. 3. Pick a floor plan, consult with kitchen design experts, or follow the do-it-yourself way to start remodeling.

1.30 I have a question on remodeling a kitchen and bath?

Q. We had someone come over last Tuesday to give us an estimate and they said they would be back the next day (Wednesday) or Thursday for sure. We have never heard back from him. We never got his name or card. His ad in our little Gold clipper did give the BBB logo so I thought I was calling the right guy. Does he maybe not want the job? He took all the measurments and asked us what we wanted done. We picked out our colors and cabinets. Then he said he would be back in a day or two.

A. As a professional painter, I agree with others that his actions are unprofessional. That said, he may have lost your contact info or (if your market is similar to mine), he may have simply gotten too busy. Many contractors put the BBB logo on their ads. If you haven't had any complaints, and pay a fee, you are allowed to do that. It doesn't guarantee competency. Most contractors will be evaluating you as a client while you are evaluating them. Will you pay when billed? Is this job big enough to cover travel expenses? Will you nitpick the work and demand a discount. The horror stories are countless. If you got a good feel for this guy and want him to do the work, call him back. It may have been a misunderstanding. Otherwise, always get several bids and understand that the lowest isn't always the best.

1.20 Kitchen Remodel - Dallas Area?

Q. Can anyone recommend a couple kitchen remodeling company in Dallas area? I am planning to change the countertop to granite and upgrades all the appliance, including wall oven. Hope the remodeling company has a varity of appliance brands to choose from so I don't need to pay several visits to Homedepot/Lowes/Bestbuy. Thanks!


1.20 How to Tell If a Contractor Is Doing a Bad Paint Job?

Q. We have been in the middle of a kitchen remodeling for the past two months or so (two months longer than the contractor originally said.) There's been many screw-ups and we've given the contractor the benefit of the doubt due to unseen family emergencies that have occurred during this time. His crew had done a crap job with painting cabinets (originally wood stained and sealed), laying tile on the floor, and painting the walls. The contractor is trying to make amends for this, even though he is laying blame on the paint that was used, and not any fault of his own. Now, I'm not a contractor, and I have never done any professional painting, but I have painted a wall here and there as well as a bathroom. I know how the end results should look. However, since I'm not a professional, I'm wondering if I'm just being too picky, and too much of a perfectionist, or just seeing these problems in the middle of the project when it's common to see them. I'm just going to concentrate on one problem. The walls in the breakfast room were originally covered with wallpaper. We removed the wallpaper before the contractor went to paint it. The contractor then put down a coat of primer, and then the next day, his crew painted the walls. When this was finished, there was paint residue on the windows (spatter from a paint gun), there were drips on the floor, and the coat of paint was showing the primer through it. So, the contractor said he would have it repainted. He had fired the main slacker in his crew, so that should take care of the problem. This time, there was no primer put down (makes sense). No drips on the floor. No spatter on the windows (paint gun wasn't used). There were no drop cloths, there's been no painter's tape put up, either. They left after applying the most recent coat of paint about three to four hours ago. In at least three different spots, there are drips of paint on the wall. Is this common in paint jobs? There's enough height to these drips that I really doubt another coat of paint will cover over the drips in the paint. Is this just how it's supposed to be between applying coats of paint? There's at least three different areas that have these drips. I'm looking for information to see if the contractor is still doing a shoddy job, or if this is something common in the process. Any thoughts on the matter will be helpful. Hoping that this is normal and it will put my mind to ease. As far as the owner being on site? He was here all day, and there's a chance that he was even the one applying the paint that has drips in it. After the initial botching of the job with his full crew, he's only working with his son and one other member of his team as well as himself.

A. Demand that the owner be on the job when his crew is working in your house after you show him all of the drips

1.20 Is it difficult to do a kitchen remodeling project yourself?

Q. Once all the old cabinets have been removed, and the kitchen is down to the bare walls, is it difficult to install new cabinets and make everything fit perfectly and be level, plumb, and square? Should I install the tile flooring over the entire floor, even under the new cabinets, before I install the cabinets?

A. The kitchen is a common place many homeowners start their remodeling projects. Here is some "food for thought" to consider. After reading this you should have a better understanding on how you would like to change your kitchen around and be the talk of all the neighbors. Here are some suggestions to consider when you are starting your project: Appliances This is a good place to start. Take a look at the colors. Counter-tops This is a well used surface in the kitchen so you or any remodeler will start here. Depending on the habits of the one who cooks these surfaces may be stained or scratched from a lot of use. Cabinets This should be your third area of attack. When people walk inside of your kitchen this will be the first item they see because it is located at eye level. Worn out or faded cabinets can really make your kitchen look half a century old! Replace these as soon as you can. You will have two options. The cabinets can be refinished (sanded and repainted) or they can be totally replaced. The second is the most expensive, of course, but if you want to drastically change the look of your kitchen then you might want to go with this option. Kitchen Flooring Flooring accentuates all of your other items. It can totally bring your kitchen to life! You basically have four options: laminate, ceramic, hardwood, vinyl, and linoleum flooring. Again, each one has its pros and cons and within those flooring types there is a large swing in quality. For instance some laminate looks just as real as hardwood or stone while cheaper laminate flooring which you can get for $2 a square foot looks nice but at the same time definitely fakish looking.

1.20 Has anyone used one of those kitchen remodeling places that advertice a complete remodel for $3995-4995?

Q. The ads say that they include solid oak cabinets and granite countertops (with certain specifications as to cabinet size and linear feet of counter), as well as demolition and installation. (This is in Southern California, San Gabriel Valley area.) Also interested in the $2995 bathroom remodel ads if you have experience with those.

A. Before under taking a kitchen remodel - Ask yourself - Do I need a new kitchen? Before Hiring a Kitchen Contractor - Know you have the right contractor. If you desire a new kitchen, planning and understanding of each of your goals needs to happen for you to be satisfied with your new kitchen. Many people go out and spend hard earned money on a new kitchen, essentially throwing money away because they are spending money on trying to make their life better - instead of focusing on what they want and what they need, and then finding a balance between these two if reality and their budget does not allow them what they want. The total dollar for a new kitchen is simply a total of over 100 items put together. If you want to be happy with the results for a new kitchen - It takes work! Keeping a folder and a small box with your kitchen planning info for each area, will bring you success and satisfaction with your new kitchen! Appliances Cabinets Countertop Selection Lighting Maintaining and Cleaning Your Kitchen Appliances Hope This Helps! Wishing You Success!

1.20 A homeowner borrows $6,000 to pay for a kitchen remodeling project. The terms of the loan are 9.2% annual inte?

Q. A homeowner borrows $6,000 to pay for a kitchen remodeling project. The terms of the loan are 9.2% annual interest and repayment in 2 years. How much interest will be paid on the loan?

A. For simple interest: $1,104.00

1.20 Kitchen Remodeling - What Kinds of Kitchen Lights Can I Install?

Q. I'm looking for a list of lighting options to choose from.

A. Ceiling lights are pretty popular and traditional, but you can always innovate with style and color. They are also usually the cheapest. Other than this, you can have hanging kitchen lights which come in two main styles: 1. Chandelier lights -- A collection of hanging lights grouped together 2. Pendant lights -- Lights that hang down from the ceiling, often a foot or more If you're installing new kitchen cabinets, you can also look into under cabinet lights.

Kitchen Remodeling

 Remodeling - Kitchen Remodeling A Indianapolis, IN area house with a large, well designed fully outfitted kitchen is always priced higher because there is never a shortage of families who wish to buy such homes. That's because kitchens these days have turned into family and activity centers where the family gathers to have meals, children sit down to do their homework, and even for other family friendly uses like setting up an art work project, or even watching TV together. Kitchens are also quickly turning into social and entertainment centers, and people think nothing these days of walking into a friend's kitchen, grabbing a chair and making themselves comfortable! No matter what style or size of kitchen you have, you can always remodel a kitchen to give it a breath of fresh air.

 home remodeling contractor in Indianapolis There is no kitchen that doesn't benefit from a kitchen island. If your kitchen remodeling plans do not include a built-in kitchen island, then it absolutely must make it on the list. A smaller kitchen will benefit from the extra counter space that an island offers without encroaching on the limited kitchen space. Your kitchen island can also be installed with split levels to encourage seating, for use as a dining area. Appliances and even your stove can be fitted into your kitchen island saving more space. If you have a cramped kitchen, create the illusion of space by bringing down a portion of the wall or the entire wall, and installing an island to act as a break off point between the kitchen and living areas. In a larger kitchen, an island has unlimited possibilities. You can have a large circular island that doubles as a dining area, conversation center, entertaining area and even a bar. When it comes to choosing a design for your island, most people go with the coordinated look that's safe and aesthetic, but you can add a dramatic look to your kitchen by using contrasting colors and textures.

With the staggering range of kitchen sinks and faucets, counter top and cabinet materials, sizes and shapes of kitchen islands, all available at various price ranges, you'll find it easy to have a cheap kitchen remodel that gives you a great looking kitchen within your budget. If you have the luxury of a hefty budget, you can install custom fittings, cabinets and counter tops to give you a custom kitchen that's one of a kind. For instance, if you would like to completely tear down your old laminate covered kitchen and replace with an old fashion farm house look, a country kitchen remodel will give you a beautiful farm house style kitchen that's practical too.

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