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I want to convert my garage to familiy room, but I don't have carport. Is it possible to get permit?

Irene W

convert 2 car garage to studio apartment with living,bed, bath, kitchen for MIL.

Keith H

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Remodeling - Remodeling Questions
1.20 What is the average cost per square foot of buying a new home vs remodeling?

Q. What are the basic costs per square foot prices of homes vs remodeling an existing home?

A. That's really not a question that can be answered. It's going to depend upon the quality of the construction. Cheap residential construction can start around $80/square foot and will go up from there, with high quality construction going from $120/square foot and up. This doesn't really include the property which can vary. Remodeling is difficult to price because sometimes you won't know exactly what will have to be done until you get into it. It takes a lot of experience to bid remodeling work correctly. Another factor is where in the country you are. Some areas cost more than others depending upon cost of living and land value.

1.20 How to find a good local licensed house remodeling contractor?

Q. To do the following work: 1.Bathroom remodeling. 2.Fences. 3.Hardwood flooring. Any suggestions on the related websites much appreciated.

A. Try the BBB if you are in the US

1.20 Any good home remodeling calculators?

Q. I'm looking for web sites that have calculators that will help me estimate the costs of a bathroom and kitchen remodel. Any good sites out there? Note: I'm not looking for software to buy... just web sites.

A. New website and book provide free tips and strategies to estimate the cost of remodeling, the cost to move and how to decide. Track your home remodeling costs with Excel. Help ... to plan, budget, and track your remodeling costs: Bathroom Remodel Cost Calculator. Kitchen Remodel Cost Calculator

1.20 Which home improvement or remodeling projects would let me recoup the highest return on investment? ?

Q. Having just retired, would love to embark on some things to keep me busy while idling. Planning on some home remodeling and would like to take on those with high ROI.

A. There are several areas in your home that you can work on to achieve the possible highest ROI. The kitchen and the bathroom, being the most essential as well as frequented areas in the home, would be the best candidates for such. With whatever remodeling works, it is important to note that allotting the biggest budget you could possibly squeeze out from your finances will not lead to an equally big ROI. Quality of work and product selection are keys to your success so do your research.

1.20 Tile installation in half bath?

Q. I am remodeling my half bath and I want to install a tile floor. The floor in the bath is cement and I have scrapped up most of the old vinyl, but there is still glue and most of the backing left behind. does this need to be completely removed before i lay down thin set? would it be easier to just put down cement board? I am under a specific time-frame. Which way would be the fastest?

A. Do it right the first time! you still need thinset for the cement board. Use a tile and adhesive remover like Jasco. At least get all the backing material off the floor. Did a 14' x 16' kitchen so a bathroom shouldn't be a problem.

1.20 Air duct cleaning furnace safety, efficiency?

Q. What is the relationship of clean air ducts to furnace safety and furnace efficiency?

A. Save your $$$$,,,will not increase efficiency unless 1/2 full , in my 38 years as an hvac tech i have NEVER seen a safety issue with dirty ducts,,i would clean them if i moved into a house that had alot of pets or there was alot of remodeling

1.20 Basement remodeling?

Q. Does anyone know of any good home contractor in MD? How much would it cost to renovate basement of 500 square feet. I would like to renovate existing bath by replacing upright shower, install new sink, replace toilet and put dry wall and door to separate from the laundry room and also carpet the floors. Is $5000 or under reasonable?

A. If they are in your area, I used to work for a company in Parkville, MD, called Post and Beam Construction. They are a top quality, customer oriented company, that will work within your budget. Check out their web site. The owners names are Scott and Bill, and their phone is 410-515-6464. Good Luck

1.20 Im remodeling my basement any suggestions?

Q. We have a light tope/beige carpet down there and we are getting a red microfiber couch down there. what color should i paint the walls and what should i accessorise with? This room is meant the be the movie room sorta we are getting a 57 inch plasma too.

A. I'd stick with earth tones down there. Of course, if its a movie room the lights are off.

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 Remodeling Looking for a qualified and experienced Indianapolis area home improvement company for your remodeling project? We've developed a quick and simple to use general contractor search systems that helps you connect with remodel contractors in Indianapolis who can complete your project within your budget. A home remodeling project can be an expensive affair, depending on the size of the project, and can cost up to thousands of dollars. Hiring a contractor from hell can mean huge losses in terms of shoddy work and a delayed time schedule.

 home remodeling contractor in Indianapolis The remodeling industry in the US is a booming billion dollar industry, with millions of people choosing to remodel bathrooms, update kitchens, add new bedrooms finish basements or convert these in to home theaters, home offices or extra bedrooms, every year. The huge demand for home repair services means that a large number of handymen have "upgraded" themselves to "residential remodeling contractors." They don't have the skills to undertake large makeovers of a home, but that doesn't stop them from fooling uninformed home owners. Even people, who have barely supervised construction of their home, offer home remodeling services to others in the area that have no idea that a general contractor must meet all Indianapolis area basic and licensing requirement before he can even hammer a nail on your property.

Our home improvement company search system helps you find the right Indianapolis area remodeling contractor for the job. Your investment will be safe in the hands of a reputed general contractor at the helm of affairs. Simply fill out your details in the form, and we'll connect you with up to 4 of the most reputed residential general contractors in the Indianapolis area. These licensed contractors will offer you free no obligation quotes for your project. With a selection of quotes to choose from, simply compare prices, and experience levels, before you come to a decision.

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